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YoungGuy: Should I ask or just kiss?

I’m going to move in…

We sat on the same couch watching a romantic movie on TV. There was no-one else in the house and it was getting dark. The movie came to an end and there was total darkness in the room but we continued chatting. She lay her head on my chest. I felt her breath and there was an awkward silence in the room.

I started getting nervous and my heart was beating as if I was running.

Should I ask her first or just go ahead and kiss her? Do I turn her head or move around her?

What is she says no? Or turns away?

Bit by bit I moved my head towards hers. Then she beat me to it!

I felt her breath on my lips. Then her lips were on mine so fast.

I was worried I might not do a good job but it just worked. Maybe she was a great kisser!

Or was I the great kisser?

It felt like heaven on earth.

Kissing can be a lot of fun. But if you aren’t sure if someone is ready to kiss you, always ask! Asking for consent is important, no matter what you are doing. You never want your partner to feel pressured into doing something they aren’t ready for.


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Kissing is a connection between two people. No love without kissing. Kissing is a key of everything relationship. This is where the love is

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A relationship can be so confusing! I think what we have to do is follow our hearts, your insticts will never lie!

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