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What’s the Difference Between Love and Lust?

Learn to Spot the Signs

When you are growing up, you may like someone and you may be attracted to them. There are different reasons for finding someone sexy – it could be because of their looks, their personality or even their money or job!

But attraction does not necessarily mean you love them. And just because they desire you does not always mean they love you. Love is a very strong feeling towards another person and it’s more than just attraction.

Here are a few tips to help you check if it’s love or lust:

Lust can be instant. It may last or fade over time.
Love is an intense feeling of deep affection that takes time to grow.

Lust is feeling a strong sexual desire for someone. You may or may not know the person.
Love involves someone whose strengths and weaknesses you know. You can’t love someone you don’t know!

Lust is all about sexual feelings and desires.
Love means both your heart and head are in control.

Lust involves someone you think is perfect.
Love means it may not be the perfect person but you appreciate their weaknesses. and strengths.

Lust can end just as suddenly as it started.
Love usually takes time to end.

When you are feeling attracted to someone, it’s easy to think you are in love. But love is a deeper, longer process. You can also love a friend, and never have sex with that person. Which is better, a friend of a lover. Tell us, or read more below.


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