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How To: Tell if He Likes You

Understanding Guys

Guys are always complaining about how complicated girls are. But they’re not so simple themselves! They can be very hard to read, especially if the butterflies in your tummy are making it hard to concentrate.

So how can you tell if he’s into you?

If he’s doing one or more of these things, things are looking good for you:

Body language
He’s leaning in a little closer even though you’re just talking about the weather.

Eye contact
Guys don’t spend a lot of time looking you in the eye, but he’s suddenly doing it all the time.

You’re famous
His friends know your name and know who you are.

He makes the move
If he makes plans with you, that means he’s making a move.

He’s always around
He starts showing up at all the places you usually hang out – and you’ve never seen him there before. Make the most of it and start talking to him.

Whatever you do next is up to you… because it looks like you’ve got his attention!

Dating can make you question yourself. But if you like who you are, there will be someone out there who likes you too!


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