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Badboy - Yes, Ma'am!

Can you take it like a man?

I've just started work at a shop and I have a woman as my boss. I get angry all the time. But recently I realised that all of that tension was because of how I was seeing my situation: working for a woman!

Now I see that somehow in my mind there's a space I just never let women get into. I see that part of me has kept women stuck in an old role - the good wife I expect to find one day. You know: cook me dinner, take care of me, and have my kids when I decide I'm ready.

But I'm the same guy who's always prided myself on being modern and educated. Men and women are equal, obviously. I'm not some crazy caveman - I live in the city and know times have changed. Or so I thought.

So my boss asks me to redo some stocktaking because I hadn’t done it the way it was meant to be. She was right. But I felt angry. I'm not used to taking orders from a woman.

It was like a part of me - not my brain but something else - was still stuck with the idea that a woman shouldn’t be telling me what to do. It just felt wrong!

I guess I have to choose to change the way I think. I have to try to see my boss as my boss, and not resent her simply because she is a woman! I know I shouldn’t use sexist words when I think about her or talk about her to the guys as well.

It’s just not that easy - especially since she's so sexy. Whoops! I forgot, I'm supposed to look at her without thinking about her in a sexual way. In fact, I quite admire her for standing up to me.

Still, I’m not going to tell the guys that I had to stay late at the shop because the boss told me to!

The law says guys and girls are equal. Do you think that’s true in real life?


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