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YoungGuy: Valentine’s gone bad

Or will she still call…?

So that's another Valentine's Day gone, and nothing's changed.

I tried my best. I called this girl I know, who I've liked for some time, and I asked her out for Valentine's night. Like, dinner and maybe a movie. If she wasn't busy.

She kind of ummed, and said, she doesn't know, she might be going out, but if she isn't, she'll definitely go with me. Could she let me know on the day? Sure, I said.

So that's a win, right? But my boys told me I should have been more firm and I should have said I needed an answer right then: Yes or No? But I didn't.

So the day came and I was ready. I got a haircut. I even shaved the little bits of beard I have to look nice and clean.

But still she hadn't called.

I waited till the afternoon and dialled the digits, and she said, uh, could she let me know by 5? So I said no, I need to know now, yes or no. And she said, hey, if it's like that, it'll have to be no, so then I said 5 was fine.

And so 5 came. Nothing. Then 6. Nothing. And I tried to call her, but she didn't answer. I called at 7. By 8, I kind of knew it was over.

My boys say I need to be more firm, but why can't I just be me? And here's the worst thing – I'm still kind of hoping she's going to call.

Rejection from the opposite sex can hurt. But don’t take what someone says or how they treat you as a personal insult. Everyone is making mistakes, getting bad advice from their friends, feeling confused. You will try and fail but keep trying... Love could be just around the corner.


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