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Mr Right: She was a beauty

Now men are her trophies

I know this girl who was a bit of a pageant queen a couple of years ago. She confessed to us that winning pageants made her feel good about herself. Now it seems she’s replaced pageantry with dating lots of guys and sleeping around to feel good.

She seems to see guys as trophies to collect. She thinks by sleeping with them she will feel beautiful and loved. Why?

It seems that even the most beautiful men and women can have issues when it comes to valuing themselves. And it's no surprise.

Imagine living in a society that values status over kindness; the size of your house over the size of your heart; your bank balance over your good deeds; and the way you look over what you have to say. That's our society!

So low self-esteem is probably the reason girls date, and sleep with, a lot of men. Such girls are unsure of themselves and their looks. They look for confirmation that they are sexy from men. Some may go as far as saying they only feel good-looking or sexy during sex.

This is tragic to say the least.

I wish women could understand that they do not need men - or anyone else - to confirm their beauty and greatness.

Self-esteem comes with accepting yourself for who you are - and enjoying this life without wanting to be somebody else - you never can be.


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girls need to accept themselves for who they are, hoe is life ruins many girls' reputation and loss respect from the same guys they have been fucking around with and the community around them as a hole,respect yourself so that people will respect you in return

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Tune Me Moderator

This is is so true Cream, hope that many girls can learn from this.

5 years, 1 month Ago


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