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Mr Right: Don’t Trust Your Lover

It’s Doctor’s Orders!

It's bad how many couples do not trust each other. It gets to the point that they do things behind their lovers' backs and they are scared to even discuss some things with their partners.

I recently went to get tested for HIV. But I did not sneak off alone and hope for the best like some people do. I took my girlfriend with me.

Before we got tested, we were counseled. The counselor told us how happy he was to see young partners who trust each other. He went on to tell us that most people get tested without their lovers and do so without their knowledge. I wonder if they even tell them if the result is positive? He told us that a couple that tests together has nothing to hide from each other.

I guess when I asked my girlfriend to come with me to get tested I wanted to come clean. I showed her that I’m trustworthy – and by asking her to join me, I was asking her if she was trustworthy.

By getting tested together, we showed each other that we care and trust each other. We didn’t have to say anything or make any promises, we just showed each other by taking that test.

Honestly I think every couple should test together as it really made a difference to my relationship. We are closer than we were before.

Taking an HIV test with your partner before you have sex is a sign of love and commitment. Isn’t it time you took your relationship to the next level?


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