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A kiss for good marks...

How to handling flirting from teachers

Teachers are there to teach, right? Well many girls report that teachers make sexual demands, declare love or offer them rewards like good grades, gifts or money in return for sexual favours.

It totally not okay for a teacher to make any move on a student.

Why is it wrong? When someone older than you or someone in authority takes advantage of you, it is an abuse of power and the crime can range from harassment or assault, to defilement or rape. They know it is wrong, so they may try threaten you or demand you keep it secret.

Illegal behaviour from a teacher includes:

Some young women say that teachers they turned down punished them. They were ignored in class, given poor grades or marks. Some young women even reported being caned or slapped by teachers whose love proposals they had turned down.

If a teacher makes any advance on you it is important to report him. Tell a parent or the principal. Do this to protect yourself, and other more vulnerable girls who may not be able to say no.


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